About my wife and I

We are Juan y Norma, a 24 years married couple, who lived close to the University of Concepción. Some years ago, my wife and I decided to build a house for International Exchange students in our land. This was for us a beatiful project, and we are very happy sharing our project with you.

Norma and I wanted to change the way accommodation is provided for students, raising people’s expectations about service, quality and communication. We want students to find renting a room in our house incredibly easy and we want them to feel safe, comfortable and looked after. We want their parents to have peace of mind and we want the students to recommend us to other people.

My wife and I try to make everything we do as clear and upfront as possible. Our goal is to have all the rooms in our house occupied 100% of the time. We can only do this by being excellent.

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