Study Abroad in Concepción 

"La Casa" estrategicaly located into the Campus of the University and a few blocks from downtown, offers private rooms for those who study abroad in Concepcion. 

Your study abroad years should be some of your most exciting and memorable. Where you live can make a big difference. With the cost of studying and living continuing to rise, the accommodation you choose has become a large part of the investment. Making the right decision at the start can reduce the risks of financial loss or emotional stress. Therefore, this is important and our study abroad accommodation should provide you the right setting for studying, relaxing, socialising and experiencing university life.

We understand you have a busy life so we want you to be comfortable with where you live. Whether you already have lots of friends, don’t know anyone at all or want some privacy. We want share with your the best study abroad  in Concepción accommodation .

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